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Welcome to Caspar

Caspar is a small, unincorporated village on the north coast of California. Don't let its size fool you! You may only be a stone's throw from the highway but it feels like you're in another world. Some say that places can carry their own energy, born of their history and happenings, and instilled by its inhabitants. Caspar is no exception with its colorful and powerful history of bringing people together. The past of a thriving turn-of-the-century mill town has all but disappeared, but a strong sense of community has persevered and now includes businesses, a shul, a community center, and a community garden. Not to mention the friendly and unique residents (pop. 500+/-), who are proud to call this place home.

For more history including pictures visit the Caspar history page on the Caspar Community website.

Point Cabrillo light house
Tammie Gilchrist photography

The community center was once a beloved schoolhouse and has undergone a few upgrades and additions throughout the decades. It now contains a full commercial kitchen, a backup solar power supply system, and plenty of space for bringing people together. 

The Caspar Community has kept the center going with wonderful annual fundraising events, community traditions like Caspar fest,  Sunday breakfast, and Pub night, and the hard work of many wonderful volunteers. The center is a lovely venue for all types of events and classes, workshops and markets, performances, and community gatherings.

We are blessed to see so many joyous ceremonies and weddings throughout the year!

With a focus on ecology and sustainability, the people who love and protect Caspar and its natural heritage invite you to consider your part in preservation, sustainability, and mindfulness towards our natural landscapes and resources.

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