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Area Information

Caspar Beach

A local favorite, it's one of the most family-friendly beaches in the area. Parking is right on the beach and there is a general store located on-site with outdoor restrooms.

Caspar beach usually has mild surf and is frequented by beginner surfers, kayakers, and paddleboarders. 

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Nestled between the two towns, Caspar is minutes away from necessities in Fort Bragg or Mendocino.

If you need a quick fix like ice, water, or other basic supplies and food, the Caspar Store is a cute little general store located at the Caspar Beach and Rv Campground


Ocean Safety

Each year along our coast in our immediate area, many people are swept off the rocks or beaches and drown.

Please check weather alerts for high surf and never leave children unattended on the shore or on the rocks.

Even a calm day can bring numerous rogue waves that unexpectedly surge faster and farther up the beach than usual. Never turn your back on the ocean!

The headlands and bluffs are scenic and wonderful areas to explore, we lose people annually there too.

Steep drop-offs and crumbling edges, and not checking the path ahead are all dangers to avoid.

Please keep pets on leashes and keep children close by while exploring these areas.

Don`t be fooled by an ocean that looks calm. Large, unexpected “sneaker” waves can rush ashore without warning, sweeping people into the sea from rocks, jetties, and beaches. These waves can also move large objects such as logs, crushing anyone caught underneath. Never turn your back on the ocean. 

Outdoor Ceremonies

The Caspar Headlands are State Park property and may be used for ceremonies with permission. The endless horizon and beautiful natural fields make the bluffs a romantic and adventurous area for exploring or special moments.

For more information about events on State Park property:  Mendocino Headland State Park offers vistas of the rugged northern coastline and the majestic Pacific Ocean. There are a number of spectacular and picturesque sites for weddings and other special events along the panoramic Mendocino coastline, The Department's Mendocino Sector office can help find the ideal location for your special occasion. For more information call Heidi Heldstab (Phone: 707-937-5721).

A word of fog

It can be high and bright. It can be low and thick as heck. It can be freezing or mild. It can be so misty that everything is soaked in a short time. Sometimes it's as if the ocean has surrounded you on land and it smells like the salty sea. Sometimes it sits right over your event and the sun is just a few hundred yards away. And sometimes, it comes in, and goes, and comes in, and goes out, and comes in...There's no predicting it, (well, a little) and no avoiding it. Just accept it. 

It's beautiful and can make some events quite magical and more intimate. 

Fire season

      May-September  Possible travel restrictions. Possible water restrictions. Possible mandatory power outages. Possible bad air quality ranges from mild to extreme. Possible emergency evacuations.

Please research the implications of fires during your planning.

Wedding season

       June-October Lodging is limited, vendors and venues may be booked. Plan ahead accordingly.


Intermittent storms and windy weather. High seas make for dangerous ocean settings. Possible power outages, road hazards, and flooding of HWY 128.


Spring: Cold mornings and evenings. Often windy, but often sunny. Beautiful! Everything is green and blooming!


Mild. Foggy mornings and evenings. Warmer temperatures. Possible water restrictions.



Gorgeous. Higher temperatures on the coast.  Some foggy mornings and evenings. The cold evenings come back in late October! Possible water restrictions.

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