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My education and professional experience as a fine art photographer in the San Francisco art world, a graphic designer in the Hollywood movie industry, and an advertising art director in the mecca Manhattan, provides me the tools to creatively develop your digital images into gallery quality, fine art pieces.

C.Young Photography


**Currently only accepting elopement clientele. (Two persons)**

I have been a photographer for a decade with a focus on small, intimate weddings (otherwise known as elopements).


Wedding coordinators recommend me because they know I come with not only years of experience, but also because my work is consistently beautiful, I am a very organized and easy person to work with.


Lucille Lawrence photogrpahy


I'm Lucille Lawrence, a photographer, and artist living in Mendocino. Things that make me giddy: a good sunset, long dinners outside, Barcelona, small goats, daffodils, margaritas, my husband's laugh, and our very cute children. 

I'm a big fan of weddings and treat each one like a treasure hunt; learning about your hopes and dreams, your story, and your people.

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