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Weekend Rentals (Friday, *Saturday & Sunday. Entire facility)

  • $40 per hour non-profit

  • $50 per hour private

*Six-hour minimum on Saturdays

Weekday Rentals

North or South room

  • $35 per hour non-profit

  • $40 per hour private

Entire facility

  • $40 per hour non-profit

  • $45 per hour private


Ongoing Classes (North or South Room)

Daytime Classes: 

  • $25 per hour

Evening Classes 

  • $30 per hour                                                          

Weddings                                                                Three-day package from Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon.

  • Under 100 Guests:
    $2,500 + $350 Refundable Damage Deposit       

  • Over 100 Guests (200 person max.):                  $3,000 + $450 Refundable Damage Deposit                                                                                  Additional time can be arranged at $50 per hour             

Non-profits, youth-based activities, remembrance gatherings, and community organizations may receive discounts.

Ask us about available discounts on your rental fee.


Can I serve or sell alcohol at my event?
Yes and you will be required to obtain a temporary liquor permit. Please contact ABC for questions regarding serving or selling alcohol at your event.  
ABC info and contact
Do I need insurance to rent the community center?
Yes, in most cases you will need to obtain liability insurance.  Insurance info
Do I need a food handler's safety card to use the kitchen?
Every professional preparing or serving food is required to obtain a food handler's safety card or applicable certification/license/permit. There is an easy-to-follow online process. Click here.
When is your noise curfew?
Noise curfew is 10 pm. Doors must be closed and music turned down after 10 pm.  See our terms and conditions.
Can I bring tables or chairs outside?
Depending on the type of event you are hosting, we are flexible with allowing tables and chairs outside. 
Are interior lights on dimmers?
Yes! The interior lights are all adjustable.
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