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So, where do I start?

Even if you're not sure about all of the details of your event yet, contact us to get the ball rolling!

Center: 707-964-4997

No matter what type of event you're planning, here are some of the basics.

All information about renting the community center can be found in the Rental Handbook PDF

The Basics

You may rent the North room, South room, and kitchen separately or in combination.

Included in your rental​

  • the use of fold-up tables and chairs for up to 150 guests.

  •  the use of dining wares for up to 150 guests.

  •  the use of basic glassware and coffee mugs.

  •  the use of the kitchen and all of its cooking and cleaning equipment, including coffee and tea service equipment, not to mention the outdoor pizza oven!

  • the use of our portable serving bar

We have a few basic portable amps and wireless mics for rent.

We have a projector screen that is located on the back wall of the stage in the North room, but we do not offer a projector at this time.

The Rules

  • The occupation of an inside event cannot exceed 220 people. Utilizing outdoor areas can accommodate more guests.

  • Portable toilet rental is required for events with over 150 expected guests so as not to overload our delicate septic system.

  • Music and loud noises are not allowed after 10 pm.

  • No animals inside the building except for service animals.

  • No smoking inside or anywhere except designated smoking areas.

  • You are responsible for removing all of your trash and recycling. The Caspar waste transfer station is located nearby.

  • Treat our community center and the surrounding community with respect and care.

The Rental Handbook PDF includes all details you should know for a successful rental. 

It is full of helpful guidelines to help your event go smoothly and covers all of the technical details 

about the center and our rental procedures.

Other considerations

  • You'll want to make sure you schedule a tour of the Community Center to view the spaces and go over the equipment you'll be using and how to plan set up and break down. This can and should happen well ahead of your event date.

  • Depending on the size of your event, it's important to make sure you have some helpers designated for certain tasks like clean-up and parking control to help your event go smoothly from beginning to end.

  • It's always a good idea to give yourself enough time to cover all the bases of organizing your event, so do consider the proper amount of time/number of days needed for preparation and clean up.

  • There are many wonderful local event coordinators to step in if you are feeling overwhelmed, but this is a decision that should be made well ahead of your event if possible..

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